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Are you an Operator looking to monetize your network?

We are trusted by more than 200 of the largest mobile operators globally to delivery SMS and voice for more than 1000 of the largest Enterprise customers and more than 50,000 developers globally. If we are not currently connected to you directly, and you are looking to monetize your network then you have come to the right place.

We can help you drive wholesale SMS, MMS, USSD, HLR and Voice revenue by offering you the following services:

  1. Expert analysis of your network and subscriber base where we can provide you with an estimated amount of Revenue that you should be receiving annually.
  2. Recommendation on how to ensure that grey and faked routes are shut down to ensure that all communications are routed correctly via monetized routes.
  3. Installation of the relevant equipment to ensure that your network is protected long term and that you are able to service and bill partners.
  4. Provide pricing guidance on how to ensure that you do not charge too much (and thereby reduce demand) or too little (and thereby invite spam and other unwanted messages).

Together with our subsidiary Symsoft, we have the knowledge, the technology and the customers to drive revenue to your network. If this sounds interesting and you would like to discuss us connecting to your network please contact us on our Become a Partner page.

The Super Network Explained

The Super Network Explained

The CLX difference

  • World Class Cloud Communications Platform

    • Programmable Cloud APIs

    • Security & Compliance

    • Succeed at Scale

    • Optimized to Deliver

  • Tier 1 Super Network

    • Deep Carrier Integration

    • Lowest Latency

    • Secure Data

    • Direct Escalation if Things Go Wrong

  • Our People

    • Market Experts

    • Passionate about Service

    • Can be Trusted to Do the Right Thing

    • Obsessed with Automation & Efficiency

A Unique Geo-Redundancy Offering

CLX - Map Background CLX - A Unique Geo-Redundancy Offering

Keep your data in region

With 5 data centers across Europe and the USA, each PCI & ISO27001 certified, plus our full business continuity plan, you’re safe in the knowledge that your data is safe and secure at all times.

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