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Get Creative...

With our Multimedia Message Service (MMS) you can create campaigns with visual imagery, video and audio elements to bring messages to life, capture the imagination of your audience and differentiate your brand in a crowded market place.

An extension to the ever-popular SMS (text message), MMS allows messages containing up to 40 seconds of video, one image, a slideshow of multiple images or audio to be sent and received via mobile phone. They say a picture paints a thousand words, this is especially true when it comes to MMS – seize the opportunity to increase engagement and create a brand experience your customers will remember!

Just imagine the possibilities that MMS can open up for you:

  • Integrate into campaigns to maximise reach. Start the conversation with a TV or print advert, send potential customers to social media to encourage sign up, then offer exclusive content via MMS to seal the deal
  • Personalize messages to tailor the experience. If a customer emails to request more information about your product or service, take the opportunity to communicate with them via MMS to help them visualize how the product will work for them
  • Create a strong call to action. Send coupons, invites to VIP events or special previews. MMS is a great way to increase engagement, mobile phones rarely leave peoples sides these days, which means your offers are right there too
  • Speed the process up. Trim the time taken to complete lengthy processes like sending documents by taking the postal service out of the equation and using MMS for instant delivery instead – messages are securely tracked all the way
  • Put customers first. Speak with customers about faulty or damaged products using photos or video to help them highlight issues rather than trying to get the message across verbally or send ‘How To’ videos to help with customer on boarding.

MMS is currently only available in the USA, more information can be found on our Getting Started page in the ‘Choosing A Number for Your Service’ section.

CLX offers competitive pricing for our MMS Messaging product. Find out more on our Pricing page.

MMS Messaging Key Features

  • Creative Flare

    Creative Flare

    Picture and video handling taken care of by us, so you can focus on creating great marketing campaigns.

  • SMS Fallback

    SMS Fallback

    If MMS is not enabled on a handset it will be relayed as a standard SMS message.

  • Get a Reaction

    Get a Reaction

    Drive sales and engagement with bespoke and creative campaigns.

  • Management


    Save your content to the MMS System, so when you’re ready just upload your numbers and send!

  • Say More

    Say More

    Send a variety of media to liven up conversations – video, image, slideshow or audio.

MMS Use Cases

MMS can be used in a variety of industries to enhance conversations with customers.

  • Insurance

  • Emergency Response

  • Government

  • Retail

  • Field Sales

  • Real Estate

  • Auto Sales

  • Warranty Claims

  • Warehousing

  • Healthcare

  • Teleconsultation

  • Remote Monitoring

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CLX Difference

  • World Class Cloud Communication

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    • Security & Compliance

    • Succeed at Scale

    • Optimized to deliver

  • Tier 1 Super Network

    • Deep Carrier Integration

    • Lowest Latency

    • Secure Data

    • Direct escalation if things go wrong

  • Our People

    • Market Experts

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    • Can be trusted to do the right thing

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A Unique Geo-Redundancy Offering

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With 5 data centers across Europe and the USA, each PCI & ISO27001 certified, plus our full business continuity plan, you’re safe in the knowledge that your data is safe and secure at all times

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