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In the world of cloud communications, knowing which subscriber belongs to which network can be as important as the quality of the routes used to relay messages.

As experts in cloud communications, we have accumulated many partners, feeds and databases over the years, and have put these to good use in our MNP lookup product. We have combined all our connections, so that you can access vital information when it comes to making sure mobile numbers are verified.

Performing a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) lookup or check will provide very specific information on a mobile number:

  • The network that the mobile number was originally assigned to
  • The network / operator / carrier that the mobile number is currently assigned to
  • If the number is formatted correctly and if it is valid / real

The information provided by an MNP check can be used in a number of ways to decrease costs, reduce fraud and help to provide cleaner, more up to date databases. In the early days of mobile phones, it was easy to tell which network a phone was subscribed to just by looking at the number, and so routing calls was straightforward, but these days, this is not the case. With people changing mobile phones and network providers so frequently, MNP lookups can prove invaluable when it comes to smoothing the routing process and successfully delivering traffic.

MNP lookups also verify if phone numbers can be transferred from one network to another, so that customers can keep their number if they switch (or port) between networks. For those who place a high value on their mobile number, the ability to port it to a new network or carrier can be vital – especially for business users who have contact numbers on sign written vans, websites etc. Porting is also invaluable for personal users, to save them from informing all their friends and family of number changes every time they switch networks or carriers.

Information from an MNP check is global and is provided in real-time – it’s a quick and easy process to perform a lookup using our HTTP API.

Where portability is not permitted in a country, our up to date prefix database fed from regulators around the world can still provide accurate home network information.

More information about how to integrate with MNP can be found here, general information on MNP can be found in our Getting Started section.

CLX offers competitive pricing for our MNP Lookup product. Find out more on our Pricing page.

MNP Lookup Key Features

  • Simplified Information

    Simplified Information

    One point of entry to access al MNP information.

  • Clean Data

    Clean Data

    Make sure contact databases are as up to date as possible.

  • Validate Customers

    Validate Customers

    Get real time validation on customer data.

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  • Tier 1 Super Network

    • Deep Carrier Integration

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    • Direct Escalation if Things Go Wrong

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