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In the world of communications knowing which subscriber belongs to which network is as important as the quality of the routes used to relay those communications.

Over the years, we have amassed many partners, feeds, databases and combined this with our SS7 expertise and Mobile Operator status to enable us to process our 15B+ transactions quickly and accurately to more than 200 countries.

We take all that data and offer it through our MNP Lookup product so that you don’t have to do any the heavy lifting yourself.  You know you can trust the information because our own SMS and Voice Products are the largest users of this service.

This is a global product and as such the MNP Lookup service can provide you with the following information –

  • Whether the telephone number is formatted correctly and valid.
  • Which operator / carrier the number belongs to.
  • Which network the number was ported from, if applicable.

Where portability is not permitted in a country then our up to date prefix database fed from regulators around the world can still provide accurate home network information.

The uses for this service are endless; from cleaning your contact databases for ensuring that you only have valid numbers, all the way through to real time validation that a contact form is being filled in correctly are all possible.

More information about how to integrate can be found here.

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