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A Highly Effective Campaign Addition

These short and sweet numbers allow you to not only interact with your audience on a platform they are comfortable with, but they also offer a multitude of benefits for both end users and businesses alike.

One of the easiest ways to send SMS at scale, Short Codes offer the possibility to reach huge audiences at low costs, with the potential for excellent results. Add to this the fact that Short Codes can be used country wide and you have a powerful combination to maximize exposure. Billions of text messages are sent and received every day, harnessing this power can elevate your brand and increase customer engagement.

Only 5 or 6 numbers long, Short Codes are easier to remember than a long phone number or a complicated website address and, when used effectively and consistently, can become synonymous with a brand, especially if paired with relevant keywords. Building brand awareness and trust by using a Short Code can make it less of a headache to communicate with customers via text message, if they recognize a number (or Short Code), they are more likely to trust it.

A fast way to generate hot sales leads from genuinely interested customers, you can be confident that someone responding to a Short Code campaign is interested in what is being offered. Short Codes also enable customers to respond to messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even if your offices are closed, automated responses can be set up to confirm that a message has been received and will be actioned.

Offering immediate and accurate insight into the success of a campaign, Short Codes also enable you to collect the telephone numbers of people who have responded and hold it on your database to send permission based marketing in the future.

More information can be found on our Getting Started section in the ‘Choosing A Number for Your Service’ section.

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Short Codes Key Features

  • Send Large Scale SMS

    Send Large Scale SMS

    Short Codes have the potential to reach huge audiences at low cost and can yield excellent, immediate results.

  • Maximise Marketing Spend

    Maximise Marketing Spend

    Us short codes across multiple channels to make the most out of marketing spend. Consistently used, short codes are more likely to be remembered and receive responses to a call to action.

  • Available as Shared or Dedicated

    Available as Shared or Dedicated

    Shared Short Codes usually have a lower cost and quicker start up times, while Dedicated Short Codes allow for full use with no limitations on the number of keywords.

  • Local Usage

    Local Usage

    Use Short Codes for sending and receiving text messages within your domestic country or territory.

  • Make Yourself Easy to Reach

    Make Yourself Easy to Reach

    Be easy to reach with Vanity Short Codes, recognizable codes usually used to spell out a brand or product name.  They have the advantage of being memorable and adding to brand identity awareness.

Short Code Use Cases

Short codes can be used in a variety of ways to increase awareness of a company, brand or cause.

  • Promotional Material

    Promotional Material

  • Television Advertising

    Television Advertising

  • Magazines


  • Radio


  • Billboards & Outdoor Media

    Billboards & Outdoor Media

  • Point of Sale Goods

    Point of Sale Goods

  • Direct Mail

    Direct Mail

  • Fleet Vehicles

    Fleet Vehicles

  • TV & Radio Show Voting

    TV & Radio Show Voting

  • Charity Donations

    Charity Donations

  • Couponing


  • On Product

    On Product

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The Hidden Cost of Latency

A slow message can cost 42% more

35% of users will request a repeat message if the first one is not delivered within 11 seconds

A message delivered in 20 seconds instead of in less than 3 seconds will cost you 42% more with time sensitive traffic.

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