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Arguably one of the most ubiquitous communications channels, SMS Messaging provides a fast, personal and effective method of getting your message directly into the hands of your audience. Sign up and get started today!

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Getting Your Message Out There...

A truly mobile technology, SMS is suited to a wide range of markets and offers new and exciting ways to reach customers directly. Embracing SMS can enhance not only your customer’s perception of your business, but also your response rates.

Suited to large or small businesses and databases alike, whether you’re a multi-national enterprise sending thousands of messages a week, or a mobile hairdresser sending a few appointment reminders a day, SMS can scale to suit. The CLX Connect web tool ensures you can personalize messages whilst segmenting and targeting your audience, no matter the size, to make sure you’re getting relevant, engaging content in front of the right people at the right time.

A highly cost-effective way to communicate with your audience, SMS is also a huge time saver – text messages can be delivered immediately, or scheduled in advance to save even more time, to one person or thousands of people simultaneously.

Still not sure if SMS will work for your industry or application? Take a look at our Industry GuideUse Case and Case Study pages for inspiration on how you can use text messaging to increase engagement and send response rates through the roof.

We provide easy to use developer code in a range of languages for easy integration to your systems and apps, or simple but powerful web tools requiring no technical knowledge. Whichever you prefer, you can rely on CLX Cloud SMS.

Find out more about our powerful APIs here, or if web tools are more your thing, take a look at Connect

CLX offers competitive pricing for our SMS Messaging product. Find out more on our Pricing page.

Alternatively, for more information on SMS, download our report Mapping the Future of Messaging: SMS, RCS and Chat Bots, published in partnership with Ovum by clicking here, or take a look at the second in our series of eBooks – A2P Messaging – The Business of Communication for essential reading on the SMS market today and how it looks for the future.

SMS Messaging Key Features

  • Dynamic Real-Time Routing

    Dynamic Real-Time Routing

    Ensuring the highest quality, accurate feature support all at an optimal cost.

  • Access to the Largest Tier 1 Network

    Access to the Largest Tier 1 Network

    Over 200 direct carrier relationships allow you unsurpassed security, compliance and reach.

  • CLX Feature Support

    CLX Feature Support

    Number portability support to ensure successful and accurate delivery rates. 

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    24/7 Monitoring

    Proactive real-time network connectivity monitoring to ensure the highest quality of service.

  • Increased Engagement

    Increased Engagement

    Reach customers and prospects in ways that are convenient for them and enjoy high open rates.

SMS Use Cases

SMS is being used to reach customers in new and exciting ways.

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The CLX Difference

  • World Class Cloud Communications Platform

    • Programmable Cloud APIs

    • Security & Compliance

    • Succeed at Scale

    • Optimized to Deliver

  • Tier 1 Super Network

    • Deep Carrier Integration

    • Lowest Latency

    • Secure Data

    • Direct Escalation if Things Go Wrong

  • Our People

    • Market Experts

    • Passionate about Service

    • Can be Trusted to Do the Right Thing

    • Obsessed with Automation & Efficiency

The Hidden Cost of Latency

A slow message can cost 42% more

35% of users will request a repeat message if the first one is not delivered within 11 seconds

A message delivered in 20 seconds instead of in less than 3 seconds will cost you 42% more with time sensitive traffic.

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