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A New Way To Interact With Your Audience

A great way for users to reach businesses and individuals alike, 10-digit Toll Free Numbers (TFNs) can be set up and launched immediately without any campaign approval or additional carriers’ fees. Take a look at our simple 3-step process below to see just how easy it is to get started!

Besides quick set-up, Toll Free Numbers come with a wide variety of features for users to enjoy. TFNs work internationally, allowing customers to reach you when travelling abroad (make sure you check out roaming charges first though). TFN’s have a lot to offer businesses ready to embrace them. One thing to remember though, Toll Free Numbers cannot be used for Marketing purposes. Check out our Short Codes pages if you’re looking to set up a Marketing campaign.

Until recently, TFNs were limited to voice services but thanks to the wonders of modern technology SMS (text messages) can now be enabled on Toll Free Numbers to increase options for communication and improve user experience even more. Helping to reduce costs when it comes to essential services such as customer support, using SMS can help one customer service agent take care of 4 or 5 customers at the same time rather than just one, making customer interactions simpler and more efficient.

Combining Toll Free Numbers with SMS and Short Codes incurs no extra fees and we can even take an existing Toll-Free Number and text/SMS enable it to help you get started with SMS.

Setting Up a Toll-Free Number for SMS

It’s an easy three-step process to get your Toll-Free Numbers working for SMS:

  1. Sign up, it only takes 30 seconds
  1. Send an email to sales@clxcommunications.com to let us know if you want to use your existing Toll-Free Number, or purchase a new one from us for just $2 a month.
  1. Access the API and start sending!

Currently Toll-Free Numbers are only available for SMS traffic in the USA and Canada. More information can be found on our Getting Started page in the ‘Choosing A Number for Your Service’ section.

CLX offers competitive pricing for our Toll-Free Numbers product. Find out more on our Pricing page.

Toll Free Numbers Key Features

  • Get Recognized

    Get Recognized

    Great for building relationships with customers and helping brand recognition.

  • Keywords


    Set up keywords to activate key information.

  • Information Requests

    Information Requests

    Send customers updates for service outages, with their permission.

  • Customer Services

    Customer Services

    Speed up those FAQs and let support staff concentrate on other tasks.

  • Immediate Launch

    Immediate Launch

    Set up takes just 30 seconds then you can start sending traffic immediately.

Toll Free Numbers Use Cases

Toll Free Numbers can be used across a variety of industries to communicate with your customers.

CLX Difference

  • World Class Cloud Communication

    • Programmable Cloud APIs

    • Security & Compliance

    • Succeed at Scale

    • Optimized to Deliver

  • Tier 1 Super Network

    • Deep Carrier Integration

    • Lowest Latency

    • Secure Data

    • Direct Escalation if Things Go Wrong

  • Our People

    • Market Experts

    • Passionate about Service

    • Can be Trusted to Do the Right Thing

    • Obsessed with Automation & Efficiency

The Hidden Cost of Poor Delivery Rates

Lost conversions

A lost message could lose a valuable customer and cost you more than you think

An example of a lost 2FA message for an app activation could cost you $2 to $5.

Mobile app Installs vs Cost per install. Source: Kenshoo Mobile App Advertising Trends. © 2016 Kenshoo Ltd. All Rights Reserved 

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