With our Verification service, you can verify a user’s phone or cell number quickly and effectively, using a range of tools at your disposal. Whether it’s via our SMS API, Voice Verification or Flash Call technology (available on Android only), our SDKs are available and ready to be integrated in your Android, iOS and web applications.

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Fast and Effective Verification

  • Flash Call Verification

    Flash Call Verification

    For Android only, this innovative technology verifies numbers without PIN entry, significantly reducing friction in the user signup process.

  • SMS Verification

    SMS Verification

    Using a simple, OTP code via SMS, your app can verify user phone numbers and ensure your app stays secure.

  • Voice Verification

    Voice Verification

    Voice (callout) verification initiates a call to a user’s phone and plays a voice prompt via text-to-speech.


What is available to you?

Native and Web SDK – Reduce development time and maintenance by using the CLX Verification SDK available on Android, iOS and JavaScript.

Server Integration – With our REST API you can maintain control of phone verification requests, status updates, and notifications.

Phone Number Formatting – Our Verification APIs and SDKs help app developers with parsing, formatting and displaying global phone numbers in any app.

Cross-Platform Security – Back-end services such as authorization or data consolidation are exposed over REST APIs, primarily for back-end to back-end integration.

Flash Call Technology (Android) – Verify users while reducing friction in the signup process, available for Android only.

SMS and Voice Solutions – Setup verification to send users a OTP code via SMS or callout with a Voice prompt.

Competitive Pricing

Pay for only the traffic you use

  • Transparent, competitive pricing

    Transparent, competitive pricing

    We don’t shy away from publishing our prices, that are amongst the most competitive around.

  • Pay as you go

    Pay as you go

    You only pay for what you use, and with no additional monthly fees, there will be nothing nasty hidden away on your bill.

  • No commitment

    No commitment

    With no commitment, you are free to use the CLX Verification service as and when you need it.


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