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Whatever your industry, today’s customers expect you to communicate on their terms – where and when they want to connect. As they become ever more mobile, SMS is increasingly the channel of choice – easy, immediate, actionable and cost-effective.

1) Update Contact/Call Center Infrastructure

  • Improve your customer service experience and cut costs by integrating SMS with the voice, social media, email and chat solutions you’re already using
  • Send mission-critical notifications to consumers on-the-go in industries from travel to banking
  • Cut call center costs by using SMS to notify callers when a live operator is available and to streamline many self-service options

2) Build an Opt-in Database and Reduce Churn

  • Quickly and easily build your opt-in database by inviting consumers to join via SMS
  • Reduce churn by engaging groups of customers meeting key triggers – for example, accounts that have gone inactive for two months

3) Improve Order Fulfillment Experience

  • Leverage the immediacy of SMS delivery and reading to keep customers fully informed while reducing your own operational costs
  • Quickly confirm orders, payments and change in order status
  • Enable convenient and innovative services such as real-time order location and delivery attempts
  • Use SMS to request feedback on individual products and overall customer satisfaction, quickly uncovering emerging problems or opportunities
  • Notify customers about product recalls more rapidly, reliably and inexpensively

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