Familiarize Yourself with Messaging Use Cases

There is a wide variety of messaging use cases to consider, both with internal and external considerations. Consult industry providers about the messaging programs and campaigns that are most successful in your market. Look for information documenting traction and benefits.

Understand Implementation Methods

A2P text messaging leverages the existing networks of mobile operators and third-party service providers to enable messaging for almost any mobile subscriber anywhere in the world. Enterprises and service providers can leverage straightforward Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect to this existing network. Similarly, there may be technology investments such as platforms, databases, or content sources that can be leveraged for instant success.

Know the Cost of A2P Text Messaging

The cost of a messaging program includes the internal costs of implementation, as well as per message fees. With a high volume of messages, the fee per message can become very low. The cost to get a messaging program up and running can be as low as 5 percent of the cost of developing and managing a mobile app.


Leverage Existing Databases or Build New Ones

Define your audience and determine the type of information you’ll want to collect, disperse or exchange via SMS. You can build your opt-in database by asking consumers to text in directly or leverage webforms through your websites or mobile app. Text messages may include links to multimedia content like video and picture, or to product information and reviews.

Follow Best Practices

A2P SMS engagement is always permission based, but you must also be upfront about the nature of the content you’ll send and information you’ll collect. Privacy continues to be an important issue related to all aspects of digital data collection. Partner with an organization that understands the compliance laws and regulations, mobile operator guidelines and best practices who can provide assistance and guidance.

Select the Right Partner

Seek a partner who can help address all aspects of your messaging programs and support you every step of the way.

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