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1) Health Campaigns

Evidence has shown that A2P text messaging campaigns focused on alleviating public health problems such as tobacco use, childhood obesity and flu outbreak have been very effective. Send motivational or informational reminder messages to at risk groups to make healthy choices for themselves and for their families. Ask participants questions to track campaign progress and send follow-up messages based on the individual responses received.

From a public health perspective, the ability to reach a very large number of users is key. SMS provides that reach like no other form of communication.

2) Appointment Reminders

Automated SMS appointment reminder services have become a key instrument for healthcare providers. Appointment reminders allow providers to cut costs in the form of reducing the number of no-shows as well as reducing the time and money spent on more costly reminder services such as paper and phone reminders.

Providers can also send an SMS to patients when lab results are ready with instructions on how to call and access them, allowing patients peace of mind and cutting down on unnecessary phone calls.

3) Medication Refill and Ready for Pickup Notifications

A2P can go a long way in helping to improve a pharmacy’s efficiency and rapport with patients. Send A2P SMS reminders to patients when their prescription is due for a refill, allow them to text to refill it, and send a simple alert when the medication is ready to be picked up. Send reminders when it is time to take medication to those who may need them (such as the elderly) and allow patients to report the side effects they may be experiencing in real-time.

4) Community Health Services and Daily Tips

Enable consumers to text a number in order to find the closest clinics and other health resources in their community. Text-only crisis hotlines can be especially impactful upon the younger generation who feel most safe and familiar with the SMS format. These crisis hotlines can not only allow for immediate relief for victims, dispatch of emergency services and/or counselling and health care referrals but they can also be a very valuable source of data collection and reporting.

5) Emergency Services and Blood Donation/Disaster Response Emergency Hotlines

A2P SMS can allow for immediate communication with disaster affected communities. Victims of disaster can text a short code with their needs and location, allowing first responders to mobilize rescue workers and distribute resources most appropriately and in the long run allowing for more accurate reporting and disaster preparedness analysis. Emergency instructions and preventative warnings can also be disseminated in the hours before a disaster strikes. Lastly and not to be forgotten, donations to emergency relief efforts can be collected via an SMS to a short code.

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