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Leverage the massive shift to mobile in HR, staffing and recruitment: discover new ways to cut costs, save time, find the best talent and keep it.

1) Promotional Job Openings

  • Send job opening alerts to job searchers via SMS, with shortcodes that candidates can text if they’re interested
  • Reach job seekers who don’t have convenient or immediate access to conventional Internet service

2) Pre-Screen Job Candidates and Streamline Candidate Communications

  • Simplify all stages of candidate communication, including scheduling of calls and in-person interviews
  • Pre-screen candidates by texting questions to them after they’ve responded to a job post… then text follow-up instructions for candidates

3) Simplify and Improve Referral System

  • Encourage employees to offer referrals via SMS. Suddenly, they can contact your recruiters anytime, from anywhere, with a simple text message. Top candidates stop slipping through the cracks due to clumsy referral processes… plus, it’s easy to track your referrals via a simple code included in the referral text message

4) Fill Employee Shortages

  • Prepare for quickly-developing employee shortages in fields like education or medicine
  • Send mass text messages to “as-needed” workers for fill-in roles such as substitute teachers or nurses during flu season

5) Other HR Uses

  • Alert employees about schedule changes, shift opportunities, or emergencies
  • Provide a fast, efficient “text-to-clock-out” option
  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys

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