• Microsoft
  • L'Oreal
  • Panasonic
  • Air Canada

2) Use SMS in Conjunction with Traditional Media to Drive Subscriptions

  • Complement email campaigns and promotions with short, time-sensitive SMS alerts
  • Drive increased subscriptions by promoting SMS sign-up at events, and via traditional broadcast and print media
  • Mobilize your campaigns: drive mobile website traffic with mobile coupons, contests and promotions

3) Create Successful Loyalty Programs

  • Strengthen brand loyalty with personalized SMS invitations to loyalty programs, surveys and special offers
  • Send automated SMS messages to opted-in loyalty program members: reveal special events or sales, tell them how many points they need for their next reward and nudge them to come back if you haven’t seen them lately
  • Instantly capture key statistics about your loyalty campaigns

4) Keep Users Engaged with Links to Promotional Content

  • Keep customers engaged and entertained with SMS links to promotional content, including videos, audio clips, photos and websites

5) Increase Customer Interaction with Contests, Sweepstakes, etc.

  • Simplify contest enrollment by allowing customers to simply text a shortcode
  • Deepen customer engagement through creative offerings such as backstage passes or seat upgrades at live events, or the chance to name a product or star in a commercial
  • Let your customers interact with each other by texting answers to trivia or polling questions

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