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Creative A2P SMS Uses for Retail

On-the-go shoppers are using mobile every day to save money and find great deals. With mobile messaging, retailers can increase engagement, drive foot traffic to store locations and grow sales.

1) Location-Based Campaigns

Send real-time A2P SMS messages to subscribers when they are within a certain proximity of the store inviting them to come in and receive a special discount. Send messages to local subscribers in the area during happy hour, downtimes, or local and regional sporting events. Vary the size of the location targeted campaign to include just your particular neighborhood or entire cities.

2) Contests and Promotions

Engage customers, expand your database and gather survey data simultaneously. Use web, social, print, TV, and in-store marketing channels to encourage consumers to engage in your latest promotional campaigns. Customers can text a short code to enroll in contests which require that they opt-in to SMS, email or other databases and answer a survey question in order to be entered into a contest or receive a special offer.

3) Coupons

SMS is the perfect delivery vehicle for bar codes or special web pages that may interact with your point of sale. Some retailers also distribute special codes in the text itself. Send unique coupon codes or link to barcodes to provide customers with easily accessible in-store or online discounts.

4) Customer Service

Allow customers to text in inquiries, appointment  requests or voice their concerns. Let them know when their product is ready for pick-up or a scheduled appointment is about to happen.

5) New Product and Sale Announcements

The ubiquity and low cost of SMS messaging make it a perfect medium for keeping loyal customers up to speed. Keep customers engaged and brand positive by announcing new product launches and inviting subscribers to launch parties. Send out texts during end of season sales.

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