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Step up your customer service technology offerings with A2P SMS

No matter what industry you are supporting as a customer service technology provider, multi-channel solutions are increasingly required by enterprise clients in response to consumer demand. SMS elevates your multi-channel offering to meet this growing demand.

1) Update Contact/Call Center Infrastructure

    • Integrate SMS with your voice, social media, email and chat solutions to improve the customer service experience and cut costs for your clients
    • Help your clients send mission-critical notifications to consumers on the go in a range of industries from travel to banking
    • Help clients cut costs by enabling SMS notifications when a live operator is ready to speak and other self-service options

2) Build an Opt-in Database and Reduce Churn

    • Allow clients to quickly and easily build an opt-in database
    • Help your clients reduce churn by engaging groups of customers meeting certain triggers such as accounts that have been inactive for 2 months or more

3) Improve Order Fulfillment Experience

    • The immediacy of sending and opening SMS reduces operational costs while keeping the customer informed
    • Assist clients in keeping consumers up to speed on payment confirmation notifications, order shipment confirmation and change of order status
    • Enable convenient and innovative services such as text messages detailing real-time order location status and delivery attempt notifications
    • Allow your clients to send automated SMS requests for product feedback, customer satisfaction surveys, product recall notifications, etc. to learn how they can improve their business from a customer standpoint

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