1) Catches the Attention of Your Audience

SMS is widely reported to achieve a 98% open rate, which is vastly higher than the open rate for an email (22%). Email has tended to be the go-to option for contacting customers, but an email can get stuck in the inbox and click through rates can be just 2-3%. Stats show a text message is read within 3 minutes of receipt and embedded links have a huge 19% click through rate.

2) Growing Reach

The number of mobile phone users is still growing. eMarketer reported 2.33 billion users in 2015, with this number expected to grow to 3.02 billion by 2018. This shows the vast opportunity businesses have of tapping into a growing population of mobile customers.


3) Suitable in Every Industry

SMS can be utlilized in small to large businesses and in a range of industries including; financial services, hospitality, healthcare, retail, telecom, technology, logistics, advertising and marketing. Text messaging is an effective channel for internal company communication and client relationship management and engagement.

4) Cost Effective and Measurable Communications

Text messaging is a very cost effective marketing communications tool. You can accurately budget the cost of your campaign by knowing your messaging costs, and by including a promotional code in the text message you can measure the success of your campaign when codes are redeemed online or in-store.

5) Reliable Delivery

Using a supplier like CLX, you can access our Tier 1 Super Network. This means that more of your messages will be delivered as there’s no data handoffs or other partners involved in the transaction. And better delivery rates mean more messages getting through to your audience, every time.




    6) Adds Value to Your Offering

    SMS is so much more than just a ‘hello’ to your friends and family. SMS for business is an opportunity to add value. It could be an appointment reminder, a special sales promotion, a link to a website, a reminder about an upgrade, a way to check authentication or a loyalty program.


    7) Easy to Integrate With Existing Campaigns

    Mobile messaging is the perfect complement to your existing marketing initiatives. Use promotional codes in text messages to provide an integrated campaign that works with your customers’ purchase process. For example – by sending at key times people tend to use your service or visit your store.


    8) Extremely Specific Targeting

    Data is the key, but segmentation is critical. Messaging will only provide value and engage your customers if the information is relevant to them, otherwise messages will be considered intrusive and you risk losing customer goodwill.


    9) Instant Delivery for Mission Critical Applications

    SMS is instant (well, almost), making it a great tool for sending mission critical traffic. For example, timely promotions that are limited to a specific day or time, or banking and fraud alerts that need immediate attention, are both served perfectly by SMS.

10) Solid Launch Support

CLX Communications provides full on-boarding support and a range of APIs to suit your needs. And it you don’t want to integrate directly, you can use our easy to use Batch Sender web tool.

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