1) Sales & Lead Generation

Run marketing campaigns to build an opt-in customer database. Opt-in consumers can respond to short code advertisements from print, television, online or in-person sources.

2) Planning & Reservation

Enable customers to choose a departure location, date and desired destination and receive a text message alert when the price drops below a certain amount or when it is the ideal time to buy.

3) Ticket Delivery

Expand your multi-channel offerings by providing customers with the option of receiving SMS alerts when their flight is ready for check-in, with their confirmation number and a link to their boarding pass and on-screen barcode. They can also select other important people to receive the same alerts.

4) 24-Hour Customer Service & Emergency Assistance

Provide real-time alerts when a trip has been delayed or cancelled and instructions for what to do next. Provide additional information such as gate changes, emergency information and severe weather alerts.

Encourage customers to text an agent with a request or complaint to cut down on call time as well as provide more automated self-service options. If the complaint cannot be resolved over a text message and the customer would like to speak to an agent on the phone they can go into a queue and be called within the next 20 minutes. Access bus or train schedules via SMS. Text questions while traveling in a foreign country or requests for directions or translations while travelling.

5) Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Use online, TV, and/or print advertising to promote short codes for loyalty campaigns or sign customers up at check-in or when they go to cash out. When customers text your short code they’ll receive a message that they have been enrolled in your company’s loyalty campaign and directed to text ‘YES’ to verify that they want to receive your text messages.

The use of a compelling reward system and well targeted ads will help to build a high quality, double opted-in customer database. Then you can text opted-in customers with opportunities to earn double points during downtimes or on items that expire quickly such as hotel room availability, time sensitive promotions, event tickets, or meals. You can also text those who are close to earning a reward or who haven’t earned any points in a while but have been active at the hotel or casino with a call-to-action.

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