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Customer Support Expectations

Customer’s today want instant information and support, they want a personalised service tailored to suit their needs which is available on their terms. Luckily the answer is right at your fingertips – quite literally. Communicating with customers via SMS, or text messages for support purposes not only elevates your brand, it also provides the perfect solution for the needs of demanding, tech savvy customers.

When you offer technical assistance via SMS you open the door to a multitude of benefits that will make a real difference not only to your company and your customers, but also to how your brand is perceived in a competitive market place.

Customer Support Expectations

Meeting customer needs has to be one of the main goals of any support channel, or what’s the point in offering the service at all? 

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Convenience is King

Communication is key in customer service, providing it through the right channels is just as important. In an increasingly mobile world, information needs to be easily accessible, relevant and above all available on the go. Customers are no longer sat at a desk, tied to a PC or a landline when they’re looking for advice – they’re out in the world leading busy lives and they expect support to be delivered regardless of where they are or what time it is.

The ultimate in convenience, SMS offers the instant, highly responsive method of communication that modern customers crave.

Convenience is King

Text messages go direct to the customers pocket, are read quickly and have a high response rate – perfect for minute-to-minute technical or customer support issues that require instant action.

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Boost Productivity

When no longer tied to one single phone line, customer service agents can deal with multiple customers or chat windows on their PC (without any additional hardware) – all coming in via SMS from separate customers, each of them getting the immediate and individual attention they covet.

Thanks to SMS, productivity can be even further enhanced by introducing a degree of automation for regularly asked questions, enabling support staff to move on to the next query as customers work through self-service menus and options to get the information they’re looking for.

Boost Productivity

Integrating SMS into your customer support ‘tool box’, has the potential to raise productivity by up to 4 or 5 times when compared to using phone support alone.

Improving the Customer Experience

Let’s face it, everyone hates contacting call centres – it’s annoying before the conversation has even started. You get passed around, have to relay the same story to several people, then get put on hold (again), only to be told that your call is important when it clearly isn’t.

Using SMS to enhance the experience puts the customer firmly in control, ensuring they get the flexible and responsive support they need. Consider a few SMS alternatives to call centres and we’re sure your customers will be eternally grateful:


If a customer chooses to contact you via a call center that is renowned for being busy, don’t put them on hold if there are no available agents to answer their call. Instead give them the option to receive a text message containing a unique code which will enable them to bypass the queue and get straight through to an agent when one is next available.


Think twice before directing customers to your FAQ web page or asking them to email you if the support center phones are busy. Not only can responses from generic ‘support’ emails get lost in spam filters and junk folders (something that could never happen with SMS), sending customers to search on a website for something that could be answered in seconds in a text message just leads to further frustration.


Nothing is more infuriating than needing to speak to a customer service advisor when their contact center is closed – being open 9 to 5 just doesn’t cut it these days. Offering an ‘out of hours’ SMS support service to provide assistance can make sure that customers can reach you no matter what time of day or night it is.

How Are Customer & Technical Support Being Used?

Customer and Technical Support are an essential part of running a business today. People will always need some form of support with products, services and solutions whether it be talking to a person on the other end of a telephone line or an automated, self-service electronic system. Making sure you are there to help them in the best way possible is a must! Take a look at our Industry Guides for more information on how offering effective Customer and Technical support could benefit your customers.

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