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What is SMS?

But what exactly is SMS, and where did it come from? SMS stands for Short Message Service, which has become more commonly known as a text message. The first text message was sent in 1992, a seasonal ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting sent via the Vodafone network, the rest is very fast paced history, moving at a quicker rate than many other things have over the past 26 years.

Think of all the other products that have been launched and failed, or fallen by the way in that time: Crystal Pepsi (1992), Newton Apple (1993), Microsoft Bob (1995), Sega Dreamcast (1998), Microsoft Zune (2006), Google Wave (2009), Facebook Home ( 2013)

What is SMS?

Yet SMS seems to have gone from strength to strength, with 129.8 million text message enabled users in the USA alone mid 2017.

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How Does SMS Work?

Well yes, when it comes to organising a lunch date with your friends maybe, but what happens if you want to reach thousands of people with a personalized marketing or promotional message? Well it’s just as easy to be honest – using the CLX Connect tool. All you need is your list of numbers (preferably in a spreadsheet) so that you can upload it to Connect, plus the message that you want to send and you’re off. Simple.

How Does SMS Work?

Type a message and hit send, right?

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Part of Every Day Life

Now almost an extension to humans, mobile phones are rarely out of arm’s reach these days. People are always checking them, often it’s the first thing they look at on waking in the morning, and the last thing checked at night before going to bed.

Why is this? The immediacy that a mobile phone can bring, the convenience of having something in your pocket or bag that can connect you to the world is a huge pull, a very attractive proposition to many people. An exciting and discreet way to connect with friends and the world, mobile phones have opened so many doors for so many people that their success was almost a foregone conclusion.

Part of Every Day Life

Now we accept appointment reminders, bank alerts, sign in notifications, receipts and delivery reminders on our mobile phones without question – it’s almost what we expect, and it can be frustrating if a business does not offer the opportunity to communicate in this way.

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Where is it being used?

Relying on SMS for banking notifications (how close to that overdraft limit are you really?), to being informed there’s an end of season sale at your favourite store just around the corner (refer to earlier text message on the state of your bank account before proceeding), SMS has installed itself as a daily staple for millions of people around the world when it comes to communicating not only with friends and family, but with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Where is it being used?

From promotions to pizza ordering, doctor’s appointments to delivery notifications and marketing to medication reminders, SMS is being used everywhere and is almost second nature these days.

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The Advantages of using SMS

  1. High conversion rates32% of those receiving marketing SMS respond positively
  2. Flexibility – send thousands of messages out to your database at once, or segment and target as you wish.
  3. High open ratesSMS enjoys a 98% read rate
  4. Reliable – no spam filters to contend with and easy opt-in, opt-out ability
  5. See instant results to campaigns and surveysstats can be collected in real time for quick and easy analysis
The Advantages of using SMS

The advantages of such a readily available and easily accessible medium are huge. With the ability to communicate in such a cost effective and speedy way, it's no wonder it has enjoyed such success!

How is SMS Being Used?

Arguably one of the most ubiquitous forms of communication around today, SMS is everywhere and for good reason – it works in so many ways to reach millions of people everyday! Take a look at our Industry Guides for more information on how SMS could benefit your customers.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your messages reach your customer fast, please get in touch.

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