Send SMS To Denmark & Over 200 Other Destinations With CLX

Looking to send SMS to Denmark? Need high-quality Tier 1 connections that won’t let you down? You’ve come to the right place!

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Why use CLX Communications for your SMS traffic?

At CLX we are passionate about messaging, service and helping your business succeed. With over 200 Tier 1 direct carrier connections and a world-class cloud communications platform at our core, we are optimized for results.

  • Preferred by the Danish Banking Sector Icon

    Preferred by the Danish Banking Sector

    We serve the vast majority of Danish banks with high quality and a level of security higher than the industry standard.

  • 100% Direct Operator Connections Icon

    100% Direct Operator Connections

    We have a zero tolerance policy for SIM farms or wholesale routes

  • Superfast Delivery Icon

    Superfast Delivery

    Thanks to high throughput on our direct operator connections

  • GDPR Compliant Icon

    GDPR Compliant

    Our signed agreement is available on request

  • Industry Leading Pricing Icon

    Industry Leading Pricing

    Quality and value at a competitive price point

  • Local Expertise Icon

    Local Expertise

    We have offices on over 20 countries, including Copenhagen, providing local expertise.

Delivering Millions of SMS Messages Daily...

We’re proud to be the world’s largest cloud communications company, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Over this time we’ve gained a huge amount of local knowledge to help you efficiently and effectively send campaigns to Denmark and other global destinations. We have an expert team to help get you set up and sending, so what’s stopping you? Contact us and get started today!

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    SMS, MMS, Text-to-Speech, and coming soon… RCS!

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    Long Numbers & Short Codes

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    Data Services

    HLR & MNP

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    Web Tools

    Batch Sender & Customer Portal

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