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A Tier 1 Super Network helps you reach people and things globally, rapidly and securely over a single connection. It offers you the same connection quality as if you had individual agreements with a large number of operators all over the world. In addition to offering the best in terms of delivery quality, a Tier 1 Super Network can also intelligently route your traffic to give you the best possible price for different levels of quality. By definition a Super Network should have global coverage, or else it would be defined as a Local Network.

what is a tier 1 super network

Understanding The Difference Between a Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Super Network

A Tier 1 Super Network has a deep commercial, operational and technical integration into their Mobile Network Operator (MNO) partners enabling them to deliver communications to all subscribers in a large amount of countries without transiting another Super Network.

A Tier 2 Super Network has a deep commercial, operational and technical integration into a Tier 1 Super Network whereby the Tier 1 Super Network has contractually guaranteed to deliver the message via their Tier 1 connections for the Tier 2 Super Network.

A Tier 3 Super Network can be using a combination of Tier 2 and Tier 1 Super Networks, but does not care about the provenance of the downstream connectivity. It is most likely using least cost routing communications to be delivered at the lowest price possible, more often than not, this is at the cost of quality, deliverability and latency.

Examples of a Tier 1 Super Network delivering a message to a subscriber in the USA would need a direct commercial, operational, technical relationship with all MNO’s / Carriers in the USA (e.g. Verizon, AT&T).

Examples of a Tier 1 Super Network delivering a message to a subscriber in the UK would need a direct commercial, operational, technical relationship with at least one of the MNO’s / Carriers that can deliver off-net to the others.

NOTE: Some countries e.g. France, USA etc. require a connection to all MNO’s in the country in order to have Tier 1 status, this is because in these countries MNO’s do not allow messages to be delivered off-net.

The CLX Tier 1 Super Network

Our Tier 1 Network builds on 200+ Tier 1 On-Net connections with mobile operators and carriers, providing Tier 1 access to more than 60 countries. Deep commercial, operational and technical integration built over the last decade has resulted in us enjoying better delivery rates, more delivery options, better security, and lower latency for traffic - giving  you the edge in your communications. 

The CLX difference - Our Tier 1 Super Network

Why It’s Best For You

While any company can sign an agreement directly with a mobile operator for communications services, Tier 1 Super Networks offer several distinct advantages:

  • Deeper integration: With a deep technical knowledge as well as an experience of operations and commercial operator relationships, Tier 1 Super Network providers build closer relationships with operators to deliver a superior service
  • The highest stability of connectivity and cost: Deeply integration into the Mobile Operator network gives us unique insights into deliverability and allows us to optimize our network to maximize deliverability. Also, these integrations allow us to take advantage of their geo-redundant SMSCs which creates the most stable connectivity both in terms of availability and cost
  • Better scale: A Super Network reaches traffic volumes much higher than any single company, making it possible to achieve better costs, which allows savings to be passed down the value chain
  • Wider reach: Connecting to a large fraction of operators globally, a Tier 1 Super Network offers a reach that would be prohibitively expensive for any single company to establish and maintain
  • Lowest Latency: There is simply no faster way to deliver communications. By connecting directly to the carrier network we bypass needless delays that naturally occur as you transit other networks. Lower latency means lower cost and higher customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced Security: By using our Tier 1 Super Network only CLX and the MNO see your data. With increasing legislation around data protection, data jurisdiction and the right to be forgotten, CLX can guarantee that the number of networks  that see your data will be kept to the absolute minimum, thereby reducing your risk
  • Direct Escalations if things go wrong: Sometimes things can go wrong, whether it be a technical issue or a delayed campaign approval. Given our size,  we have escalation paths within MNO’s that very few others enjoy. That means that when something goes wrong, we have direct access to those who can fix the issue

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